Post-Judgment Modifications

Family law cases often have very long lives. While most property division tends to be completed at or near the time of the Judgment being entered, often the Court will reserve jurisdiction over issues regarding custody, visitation, child support and spousal support. Over time, circumstances can change drastically, which may require a modification of the Judgment. Children get older and their needs change. A preschooler’s visitation schedule is likely to look very different from that of a teenager. One or both parents may change jobs, or may marry someone who lives far away. A move with the children may be requested by one parent and opposed by the other. Clients can have increases or decreases in income, illness that prevents them from working to their former capacity, loss of employment, change of employment, have concerns about their ex-spouse’s earning capacity, or other circumstances that might require a modification of support orders. As such modification requests require an extensive review of the prior as well as of the current circumstances, these cases can be complex.

I have extensive experience in post-Judgment modifications, and am proud of the fact that many of my former clients have returned to me for assistance when their case requires a post-Judgment modification. I also have handled many post-Judgment modifications for clients who represented themselves previously, or had different counsel before. When any client consults me regarding a post-Judgment modification, I will conduct a detailed inquiry as to all the relevant circumstances, so as to help the client make the best choices possible. All settlement and litigation options are considered.