Collaborative Divorce | Mediation | Litigation

Divorce represents major changes in a client’s life, most of which can be very stressful. Some divorce clients may experience serious disruptions in living circumstances, access to property and possessions, ability to spend as much time with their children as they would like, and problems with income and expenses as the parties adjust to living in two households with the same income that previously supported one household. These difficult changes can occur at the same time the client is suffering intense emotional pain at the end of a relationship of love and trust, accompanied by a breakdown in communication. Some clients may feel overwhelmed and powerless, and need assistance on many fronts in order to get through the divorce. Other clients may view their divorce as a great relief that will resolve long-standing difficult issues and allow them to move forward with a new life. Many clients feel some of both types of feelings at different times. Despite the differing views that clients have of their divorces, one thing they all have in common in that their lives will undergo major change, and many new choices will have to be made. My job is to help my clients with those changes and those choices, by advocacy, providing information, good faith negotiation, and protection of their legal rights, so they can reach the best possible resolution. I believe that the more information my clients have about their cases, the better equipped they are to make the best decisions about their situation.

Divorce Options

There are several ways to proceed with a divorce. These include litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce. I offer services in all of these areas. Each case is different, and each client’s needs are different. It is important for my clients to choose the option that will work best for them in resolving their divorce. My job at the beginning of a divorce case is to learn as much as I can about my client’s situation, and then to help my client choose the process that will work best for them in resolving their divorce.